13 Questions with Dr Fischer

It's easy to focus on the basics when evaluating your doctor. Did they go to medical school? Are they in your insurance plan's network? Do they have a good reputation with patients and the medical community? These questions are an important part of choosing and building a relationship with your physician, but we also believe knowing more about your physician leads to better communication around your healthcare! At Columbia Surgical Associates we want you to have a familiar face behind the stethoscope, it can make all the difference to your quality of care!

13 Questions with Dr Fischer

  1. When did you know you wanted to become a doctor?
    During my junior in high school. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up; I started thinking about the things I loved: anatomy, science, and taking care of people. Becoming a doctor just made sense.

  2. One item you couldn't live without?
    As long as I have my family, I could live without everything!

  3. Favorite place to eat in Columbia, favorite menu item?
    Flatbranch. I have too many favorites there- Flatbranch burger, Adobo braised pork tacos, and sausage and chicken bayou pasta!

  4. What's your hidden talent?
    I have strong and agile toes. I pick things up with them and am the undefeated toe war champion in the family. Don't worry, they stay on the floor during surgery.   ;-)

  5. First job?
    I was a built-in babysitter for my 7 younger siblings and helped on the farm and with the family business growing up. My first non-family job was being a hostess at Grand Street Café during medical school.

  6. Next bucket list item?
    Next up on the list is exploring the gorgeous beaches, jungles, and pitons of St. Lucia!

  7. Favorite way to spend your free time?
    With my husband and daughter. Can't seem to get enough of them  ❤

  8. Career highlight you are most proud of?
    Being able to join the wonderful CSA family. I had my eye on this amazing group for a few years before I graduated and I was so thankful they allowed me join their team.

  9. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
    The power to not need sleep. I love sleeping, but think of all you could accomplish!

  10. First car?
    Pontiac Grand Prix.

  11. Where is your happy place?
    Anywhere there is sun and water- beach, pool, lake… I'm not picky!

  12. What TV character would you play and why?
    Donna Paulsen from Suits because she is witty, intelligent, driven, and beautiful.

  13. Favorite holiday and why?
    My favorite holiday is Christmas because I love all the family time, the good food, and celebrating the real meaning of Christmas.

Dr. Amanda Fischer joined Columbia Surgical Associates in 2019 after a general surgery residency at University of Missouri Kansas City. Her areas of specialty are in both minimally invasive and robotic surgery. She is excited to be back in the community where she grew up and is now accepting new patients. Areas of expertise include; general surgery, hernia, gallbladder, thyroid and parathyroid diseases.