5 Ways To Help Someone You Love Recover From Surgery

5 Ways To Help Someone You Love Recover From Surgery

Full healing and restoration after surgery takes time. Family and Friends are often unsure how to help someone who's going through medical difficulties or surgeries. While recoveries vary from procedure to procedure, and even person to person, there are things to help someone you know recovery from surgery:

  1. Deliver a meal or collaborate with friends to set up a meal schedule. (For healthy meal ideas, click here. Be aware of any diet restrictions your friend might have. Oftentimes, certain foods are forbidden after an operation. Ask your friend about any kinds of food the doctor has advised against before preparing them a dish. If you can't cook, give a gift card for carryout or pizza delivery. Not having to clean the kitchen and do the dishes is a real time saver and goes a long way to reduce stress! Showing up with flowers is an extra bonus!

  2. Whether your friend is a single parent or has a spouse who's busy with work, chances are they will need help with the kids after surgery. Helping coordinate carpool for kids' activities will help maintain a normal routine for children. Offering to keep the kids for playdates and sleepovers can give much needed rest for recovery. If they have pets, offering to clean the cat's litter box, walk the dog, make sure the animals have food or water will all be appreciated.

  3. Offer your help with chores. They will probably not want to bother you, so you may need to suggest helping with housecleaning, laundry, yard work or offering to pick up medical prescriptions. They may have an "assigned" caregiver that you can connect with in advance and coordinate what is most helpful.

  4. If you aren't in the same city (or even if you are) write and send an encouraging note. If the person is active on social media, messaging on FB or texting can also be a great pick me up. Just remember, they may not always respond depending on the degree of their recovery.

  5. Chances are your friend maybe laid up for a while. Bringing them books, magazines and movies will help give them activities to keep their mind busy while their body heals.

Looking for some additional creative ways to help a loved one through surgery? Here are some additional tips.

Taking it easy after surgery can lead to a speedy recovery! It is also important to give encouragement and inspiration as they go through the process of recovery.