Bonnie Roberts Achieving Her Best Life

Bonnie Roberts Achieving Her Best Life

Making changes at any age isn't easy, but when faced with choosing to live life on your own terms doing the things you love, 71-year-old Bonnie Roberts knew she needed to make some serious changes in her life if she wanted to enjoy the life post-retirement that she had dreamed about. She wanted to travel and set an example in her family.

Loving life and better than ever at 71

Taking full responsibility, Roberts knew she was the one who had to eat right, exercise, and do the work necessary to make serious changes in her life.

Achieving her best life in retirement

"I relied on my physician team for 25%, and the other 75% was all me!" shared Roberts. "I was 200 pounds overweight, and many of my family had diabetes. I wanted to change that for myself and set an example for generations to come. I wanted to feel better and enjoy doing the things I planned to do in retirement."

Bonnie Roberts Achieving Her Best Life

She didn't come this far to give up on the life she wanted now.

Roberts survived Thyroid cancer (diagnosed in 2013) and knew the best part of her life was yet to come. Being a survivor, Roberts felt that her life  had renewed purpose now. She imagined she was living for those who weren't granted the same outcome after their diagnosis and those who couldn't live their life to the fullest because they were still in active treatment. Whatever "grit" Roberts had was showcasing itself now, she just needed to use the grit she had to move into action and take the necessary steps to make the changes.

During regular check-ups with her primary care physician, Dr. Douglas Vogt, he would say, "Bonnie, when you are ready to do something about your varicose veins, just let me know I can refer you to Columbia Surgical Associates (CSA)." It wasn't until a year and a half later that the pain in her legs became so intense that it interrupted sleep and daily activities. That's when Roberts took him up on his offer to help find a specialist. She was taking action!

All roads lead to Columbia Surgical Associates and Dr. Erica Salinas

Bonnie Roberts Achieving Her Best Life

"All roads lead to Columbia Surgical Associates (CSA) and Dr. Erica Salinas. I called and was able to get an appointment immediately."

"Dr. Salinas was the perfect fit for me. She explained every detail of the outpatient procedure, and I felt confident that she would be able to help me feel better."

Roberts felt good about taking action on something she had put off for YEARS!

Immediate pain relief and the trip of a lifetime

"I didn't realize how immediately the pain in my legs would be gone!" said Roberts. "At first, I thought the pain reduction was due to medication, but since the procedure at CSA in May 2022, I've been pain-free!"

"My only regret was not having the surgery sooner!"

Bonnie Roberts Achieving Her Best Life

She envisioned her bucket list trip to San Diego including a walking tour. The length and time of the tour would have previously been out of the question.

"But after the pain was gone, I knew with full confidence I would be able to enjoy all the sights and not feel I was "that person" on the tour holding everyone else up or not being able to see all the sights due to the previous pain limitations in my legs."

Cosmetic motivations did not drive her surgery, but she has increased confidence when wearing shorts and in her overall appearance after the surgery. She packed her shorts with a huge smile on her face.

"My unsightly veins had prohibited me from wearing shorts, but not this trip!" she said. "I couldn't believe how tiny the incisions were and how quickly I healed."

The post-op experience was much easier than Roberts expected. As a self-proclaimed "follow-the-rules kinda gal," she took care to follow doctor's orders. She wanted to do her part and took an active role in her recovery.

"It was the promise I made to myself to do all that I could to change the projection of where I wanted my life to be."

"If Dr. Salinas said I needed to wear the compression stockings for three months, I wore them religiously," said Roberts. "I took ibuprofen for inflammation. I followed sleeping instructions to go to bed with my feet elevated. The extra bonus is that I became a back sleeper in the process, and my sleep has actually improved."

Bonnie Roberts Achieving Her Best Life

"There have been so many "added bonuses" to having the surgery and turning my life around that exceeded my expectations. I am always willing to share my story with others in hopes that they do find the motivation to take action for their own health, that it's not too late, changes can be made at ANY age, it just take a decision to do so!"

Once Robert received the"all-clear" to fly, she planned her "bucket list"  trip to San Diego California to enjoy the vacation in June; she could walk pain-free for the duration of the trip. Now Roberts is thinking about what's next on her bucket list and is taking recommendations. :) "I want to live my life to the fullest!"

At CSA Surgical we LOVE helping you reach your health goals and to achieve whatever is on YOUR bucket list. Here's some ideas to enjoy whether you have a food bucket, travel bucket, or no bucket and need to start one!

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