Cost of a visit

Patients are starting the conversation and we are here to help give you answers!

I was enjoying a rainy Saturday morning indoors scrolling through my news feed and a post caught my eye. My friend was describing a recent experience where he was checking in for a doctor's appointment and the short of the long is that he could not find an avenue for the life of him to determine how much he was going to owe for the visit he was about to have. 

Can you think of any other situation on Earth where you don't know how much a service is going to cost but basically feel like you have no choice but to do it anyway? It wouldn't happen at the mechanic, wouldn't happen at the hairdresser, wouldn't happen on a guided fishing trip... It's no wonder why our healthcare costs are so high... SMH! 

Here is the good news; it's changing. Its changing because people are demanding it. For entire generations, we rarely questioned this bizarre arrangement. If high deductible insurance has been good for anything, its teaching us to be educated consumers of healthcare. I am convinced this era will be looked back on someday as the transformative consumer revolution.

I was so grateful to my friend for sharing his frustration and insight. It's a brave new world for us, too. We don't have it all figured out just yet. We need you to keep talking. Please don't be afraid to ask about your cost and continue to share your experience!

Have specific questions? Call us for an estimate. We can help you understand your benefits and costs for our facility beforehand.

Lisa Leathers