Health Benefits of Music

Music Health Benefits

Few things are more stressful than illness and surgery. Can listening to music reduce stress for surgery patients and be good for your overall health? We think so! In fact, we think music is great for most everyone!  Any given day at CSASC you might come in contact with someone from our team singing in the hallways and truly using music to put our patients at ease. It's not like walking onto the set of a "Sounds of Music" production or anything, but we are known to do some singing…particularly when we can tell it could help to ease a patient's surgical anxiety. When asked about her casual singing around the center, Erin had this to say: "I love singing and it seems to be a great way to help our patients relax. That is so important during a stressful time."

As an Administrator I have observed so many benefits to encouraging music and singing at the facility. There is nothing like a good song to set the tone for a great day! Our team really connects to one another through a shared love of music. Our patients can feel that connection, which clearly accompanies the professional respect and confidence we have toward one another.

Through music, our patients receive an invitation to relax and feel like another member of the CSA family. It does create a special kind of synergy with the patient at the epicenter, and I am so very proud of our team for creating that next level type of patient experience. I can't count the number of times I have been greeted by a smiling patient wondering if I will be joining in the singing as well?! My response… you betcha!

It's not only our patients and staff who enjoy a music infused environment! Our surgeons are also music lovers and most have musical talents and abilities…if you count singing in the shower! Can you guess which musical interest goes with each surgeon?!  

Music Health Benefits

While I doubt a study has been produced to demonstrate that music reduces stress around surgery specifically, Time Magazine looked at a 2016 study and found that not only is music linked to improvements in mood and sleep quality, but both meditation and music listening are potentially powerful tools for improving overall health and well-being. If you're looking for an easy way to reduce stress before surgery, cue up the music and check out this article.

We know surgery is a stressful time and one of our many responsibilities at the facility is to help ease those natural anxieties our patients might have. We are fortunate to have a team that is so highly specialized and experienced that we can deliver this extra value to our patients.

Music Health Benefits