Top 5 Reasons Surgeon Ownership is Great for Patients

Top 5 Reasons Surgeon Ownership is Great for Patients

Dr. Erik Grossmann & Luan Chessir, Colon Cancer Survivor

Dr. Erik Grossmann & Luan Chessir,
Colon Cancer Survivor

Many studies have shown that surgeon ownership leads to the best care! CSA Surgical Center is owned by the surgeons who work at the facility, and we are extremely proud and grateful for this fact. Here are the top 5 reasons why!

  1. The patient always comes first. "Take care of the patient" is the driving principle of our surgeon owners and the foundation for every decision we make. Health systems often function, and reasonably so due to their large size, within an organizational pillar of excellence model. These models can be confusing, sometimes leaving staff wondering which pillar matters the most right now to the organization: finance, growth, community, service, quality, or safety just to name a few.  We never have to wonder. We protect the foundation-- we take care of the patient.
  2. We are all on the same team. As a staff, we all work with our surgeon customers toward the same goal: High quality outcomes and patient satisfaction at a reasonable price.  There is no better feeling than working as a team toward a common goal and knowing that work is recognized and appreciated at every level, which makes it easy to recruit and retain the best very staff to care for patients. The patient is the primary beneficiary of this kind of synergy!
  3. The surgeon is in the driver's seat. Our surgeons have full autonomy to make the decisions that will lead to the best outcomes for the patient. The physician and the patient are the only two parties in the trusted doctor-patient relationship. When physicians work in large health systems, a third party is inherently introduced to this relationship. These health systems, primarily led by executives, have a surprising amount of influence in the medical decisions a physician is allowed to make. The organization might dictate when the surgeon can work in the operating room, what tests to perform and which brand of implants to use among other things. We value the autonomy our physicians have to make sure that every single treatment decision is based on evidence, best practices and the patient's individual needs.
  4. Flexibility. Surgeon owned facilities are incredibly nimble. We are a small, focused specialty center which means we can often improve upon our quality outcomes, adopt new technology and evolve to meet new patient needs quickly.
  5. See number 1!!!
The Columbia Surgical and CSA Surgical Center Teams

The Columbia Surgical and CSA Surgical Center Teams

As more people seek specialized, cost-effective & personalized healthcare, the industry is opening new options and expanding its reach. Specialized clinics and outpatient centers such as ambulatory surgical centers, are rising up to accommodate patients who need certain surgical procedures outside a hospital environment.

CSA Surgical Center was established by a dedicated group of area physicians, seeking a better way to serve their patients. You will find that everyone at our center is dedicated to the same mission.

To make your surgery a successful experience, please check out our patient information section and make sure to call our facility direct at 573-777-3370 so all of your questions or concerns can be promptly addressed. Lisa Leathers