Newsweek ranks CSA Surgical Center among top in Missouri

Newsweek ranks CSA Surgical Center among top in Missouri

The CSA Surgical Center landed on Newsweek's breakdown of the best ambulatory surgery centers in America and scored an impressive ranking by industry experts placing them as 6th best surgical centers in Missouri.

Newsweek surveyed participants to measure 470 centers in 25 states across the following factors:

Dr. Grossmann
Dr. Erik Grossmann
  1. Management in times of the COVID-19 crisis (e.g., the safety of residents, hygiene measures)
  2. Management of waiting time (e.g., appointments)
  3. Quality of surgery preparations (e.g., consultation with a doctor, information)
  4. Quality of surgical care (e.g., procedure)
  5. Quality of follow-up care (e.g., physical therapies)

CSA Surgical Center (CSASC) took immediate and meaningful action to provide high-quality care during COVID-19, a metric feeding into the score. Lisa Leathers, Administrator and Director of Nursing at CSA Surgical, shared insights on how CSASC approached continuing care amid the pandemic, "Here at CSA Surgical, our goal is always putting patients first, especially amidst a global pandemic. Delivering on that promise is a huge part of why we earned this award. The impact COVID has had on the healthcare industry has been extraordinary, but as a "boutique" surgical center, we have protocols to keep patients exposure reduced and avoid staffing shortages."

Dr. Erik Grossmann, Board-Certified General Surgeon, adds "The value of being a private physician owned facility goes beyond better costs; we have control over every part of the surgical process to ensure successful patient outcomes. That really matters to us."

"Something that sets us apart is our free online price quote tool. No one likes surprise bills. This innovative approach to delivering the care you need at a price you can afford. Full transparency is not industry standard but we are working to change that."

Leathers adds, "The benefit of being a private physician owned facility directly leads to engaged and enthusiastic leadership starting from the top down. Spreading that message puts patients back in the 'driver's seat' when advocating for their health and choosing the right healthcare facilities".

Lisa Leathers
Lisa Leathers

"The Newsweek recognition is a validation of our industry-leading position, but the greatest validation is the health and quality of life we can restore for patients every day."

About CSA Surgical Center
We strive to provide high quality, individualized, cost effective surgical care in a comfortable patient/family oriented environment.

We offer highly trained and experienced technical staff as well as advanced medical technologies specific to your surgery, creating a more relaxed and patient-focused experience for:

  1. General Surgery
  2. Vascular Surgery
  3. Colorectal Surgery

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