Our billing department will work directly with your insurance company to establish benefits and a billing plan for the facility fees. You will receive a call sometime prior to your surgery from the surgical center to discuss these benefits. The facility fee is the fee for the surgical center and is separate from the service fees you may receive from your surgeon, anesthesia and pathology. InsuranceIf you have billing questions for any of these services, we can provide their direct contact information for your convenience.

The process of filing and managing an insurance claim can be daunting – you may be concerned that if you do something wrong or overlook an important detail, you won't receive the full reimbursement to which you're entitled. But we understand that your insurance coverage exists for your benefit, and we're here to help you take full advantage of everything it offers.

For any fees that are owed to CSA Surgical Center, our office will take care of billing your primary and, if applicable, secondary insurance carriers, as well as any applicable governmental agency, directly. All we ask is that, on the day of your procedure, you bring your current insurance, Medicare or public assistance card, for both primary and secondary insurances.

Also, depending on your insurance provider, you or your physician may be required to follow certain admission policies in order for you to obtain maximum reimbursement; these policies may include pre-authorization, physician referral or a second opinion. Not sure if your insurance provider(s) requires any of these? We encourage you to either consult directly with your provider or contact our business office, so someone can help you understand the process and whether there are any special requirements in place.