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Dr. Leslie Shock

Leslie Shock


Dr. Leslie Shock, previously Leslie Farmer, is local to the area. While growing up in Jefferson City, she spent most of her childhood and youth focusing on the sports of track and field and Tennis and the desire to be a physician. Following her first day observing a breast reconstructive surgery and seeing a clinic full of plastic surgery patients, her mind was set, and she knew at that time she wanted to become a plastic surgeon.

Dr. Leslie Shock graduated summa cum laude with honors in Biology and Economics. While in undergraduate she ran indoor and outdoor Track and Field where she obtained All-American status, was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, and was inducted into Phi Betta Kappa, Mizzou '39, and the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame. She met her husband, Forrest Shock, in the training room at MU when he was winding down from summer football. 

Following undergraduate she went on to obtain her Medical Degree from the University of Missouri where she graduated as an Alpha Omega Alpha and completed six years of Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency.

In residency under an "apprenticeship" model, she had the opportunity to train under one of the former Presidents of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and engage in a wide variety of plastic surgery techniques and services, including breast reconstruction, pediatric plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, hand surgery, upperextremity procedures, and cosmetic surgery.

She also contributed to the knowledge base of plastic surgery through publishing research and presenting at medical conferences including an international conference in Paris, France.

She knows that with attention to detail, and execution of artful technique, plastic surgery can bring dramatic improvements in a patient's life, improving upon both a functional and personal level. Attention to detail and execution of technique is something she is very familiar with her background of competitively racing in the 400 hurdles. Running the 400 hurdles requires much more than running fast and turning left. Technique, anticipation, and precision even in times of intense fatigue are necessary, as even a change in only one inch of stride length can drastically throw off the remainder of the race. When executed well the race as well as the surgery becomes something of grace and beauty. Her internal drive and desire for continuous improvement that she exemplified with racing is even stronger when it comes to her surgical skill and treatment of patients.  

The Shocks, and now with their son Forrest Jr, enjoy attending MU sporting events, running and biking on the local trails, watersports at the Lake, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying local restaurants and café's.