Consents and Notifications

CareersYou will sign several consent forms the day of your scheduled procedure including the Facility Consent to Treatment, the Surgical Consent for your surgeon, the Anesthesia Consent for your anesthesia provider (if applicable,) your Patient Rights and Responsibilities and the Financial Agreement with the facility. Generic versions of these forms are available here for your review.

Do not sign and return these forms before the day of your surgery as they will be updated with your specific identification information on the day of your procedure.

You will also be offered copies of the following notifications upon check in including:

Patient Bill of Rights
Notice of Privacy Practices
Notice of Financial Ownership
Notice of Advance Directive

To make an appointment or consultation with one of our physician partners, please call:

General and Vascular Surgery
MU Health Care Columbia Surgical Associates

Plastic Surgery
Shock Plastic Surgery

Map and Directions

The surgical center is conveniently located off Nifong Blvd. at AC Exit and Hwy 63 in Columbia, Missouri. The center is located in the same building as Columbia Surgical Associates.