How to Register

After days, maybe even weeks, of meeting with your physician and pouring over every question related to your procedure, the last thing you need is a sea of paperwork to generate more uncertainties. That's why we've worked closely with your physician's office to keep the registration process as simple and uncluttered as it can possibly be. RegistrationAll of the information we require can be retrieved over the phone at your convenience and our short forms can be completed the day of your surgery.

You should expect two phone calls from the CSA Surgical Center prior to your surgery. The first call will be initiated by the center's billing department after we verify your insurance information with your insurance company. We understand that your insurance coverage exists for your benefit, and we're here to help you take full advantage of everything it offers. For more information, please visit the Insurance section.

The second call you will receive shortly before your scheduled procedure. A representative from our facility will call to confirm details of your appointment. If we are unable to reach you, make sure to call us no later than 3 p.m. the day before your surgery. We'll need to know about current and past medical conditions, current medications and allergies in order to tailor a plan of care specific to your needs on the day of your surgery. This is also the perfect opportunity to discuss any questions or special needs you may have. More information is available in the patient preparation section.

We Protect Your Data

It can be unnerving to share the entirety of your medical history with anyone, even a recognized facility like ours. Rest assured, your personal information and patient data are protected according to all federal HIPAA laws and regulations.