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Hernia RepairA hernia is a bulge that occurs when an internal organ pushes through an abnormal opening. Hernias often occur in the abdominal wall. The bulge associated with most hernias is not the hernia itself, but the hernia contents such as intestines, protruding through the defect. As you can see in the picture, hernias are named based upon their type and location on the abdomen.

The size and type of hernia you have will influence the recommended surgical repair. Hernias may be repaired laparoscopically, with tiny incisions and minimally invasive techniques, or through an open incision. The choice between and open and a laparoscopic repair may depend on the type of hernia, the size of the hernia, other prior surgeries you may have had and your other medical conditions. It is important to find a surgeon who can offer both laparoscopic and open techniques.

Types of Hernias:

Hernias occur anywhere tissue or organs can slip into an area where they do not belong. The four most common types of hernias listed below:

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Surgical Repair:

Every option for surgical hernia repair has been developed with common goals:

  • provide the strongest repair
  • least chance of recurrence (return of the hernia)
  • the least possible discomfort
  • quickest recovery

Depending on whether you and your surgeon decide to pursue a laparoscopic or open repair, the procedures(s) are somewhat different. Many inguinal hernias can be repaired with a minimally invasive or laparoscopic procedure, which usually involves just a few tiny incisions on the abdomen. Sometimes an open repair is preferable. An open repair usually requires an incision near the hernia. With either approach, the contents of the hernia are returned to the abdomen and the hernia defect is often repaired using a synthetic mesh patch. (see image below)

hernia repair

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