Center Specialty Surgeries

We offer highly trained and experienced technical staff as well as advanced medical technologies specific to your surgery.

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General Surgery

> Gallbladder Removal
> Hernia Repair
     • Groin (inguinal or femoral)
     • Belly button (umbilical)
     • Site of a previous operation (incisional)
     • Anywhere on the front side of the body (ventral)
> Breast Cancer Removal Procedures
     • Lumpectomy
     • Mastectomy
> Porta Catheter Insertion and Removal
> Skin Lesion Removal
     • Lipoma
     • Abscess
     • Cyst
> Melanoma Removal

Vascular Surgery

> Varicose Vein Treatment
> Dialysis Access Management
> Peripheral Vascular Disease - Minimal Invasive

Colorectal Surgery

> Hemorrhoid Removal
> Anal Fissure Treatment
> Peri-Rectal Abscess & Anal Fistula Treatment
> Removal of Pilonidal Cyst